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Photo of Elizabeth Hamlin, Psychiatrist in 53146, WI
Elizabeth Hamlin
Psychiatrist, MD, MA
I enjoy working with patients who are looking for a deeper understanding of their lives and struggles. While I do believe that symptom relief is important, I also believe it is important to address the underlying situations that have brought the symptoms about. I work from a psychodynamic orientation, in which I focus on the importance of interpersonal relationships, including the here-and-now of the relationship with the therapist, to help patients live freer and more authentic lives.
(262) 684-2297 
Office is near:
Waukesha, WI 53146
Not accepting new clients
Photo of Stress Management and Mental Health, Physician Assistant in 53146, WI
Stress Management and Mental Health
Physician Assistant, MS, PA-C
Hi, I am have been a Physician Assistant since 1991, and solely in the mental health field for the last several years, currently doing medication management at Wisconsin Stress Management. I see patents who are self referred, as well as, referred by their therapist or other providers. I provide evaluation and treatment of a variety of mental health symptoms.
(262) 947-4539 
Office is near:
New Berlin, WI 53146
Photo of Joline L Wudtke, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in 53146, WI
Joline L Wudtke
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, PMHNP, BC
Greetings, I am a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner PMHNP, in private practice, licensed in Wisconsin. My mental health specialty spans across the lifespan in an outpatient setting. New patients and referrals welcome at this time. My goal is to serve your mental health medication management needs, to help you improve your Good Mental Health.
(262) 205-3148 
Office is near:
Waukesha, WI 53146
Photo of Nicole Maki-Rydland, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in 53146, WI
Nicole Maki-Rydland
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, APNP
*Accepting new patients* Nicole is board certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP). She is very excited to draw on her 18 years of nursing experience and her previous licensure as a counselor to provide a full spectrum of psychiatric care. She is always researching new and better ways to help people accomplish their mental health goals. Her practice is client-centered, holistic, and tailored to meet both medical and counseling goals of individuals. She has a huge interest in helping people meet their goals with natural medications/supplements and with the help of genetic testing for individuals that interested.
(262) 218-4319 
Office is near:
Waukesha, WI 53146
Offers video visits

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About Psychiatrists, meds and Psychiatric Nurses.

A Psychiatrist in 53146 is a qualified medical doctor who specializes in treating mental health issues and diagnosable disorders.

53146 Psychiatrists differ from other mental health professionals in that they may prescribe medication as well as practice psychotherapy in treatment. Sometimes, Psychiatrists form part of a clinical team in which they will diagnose and prescribe, while psychologists or therapists provide the client's psychotherapy.

As part of a clinical assessment, Psychiatrists may conduct physical examinations, take blood tests, and order and interpret lab tests and brain image scans, such as CT scans, CAT Scans, and MRIs.

The field of psychiatry in 53146 has many sub-specialties, including pediatric psychiatry. Those who work with the elderly are called geriatric psychiatrists.

Other related sub-specialties include cognition psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, psychosomatic, forensic, reproductive medicine specialties, psychopharmacology , psychiatric genetics, neuroimaging, and clinical neurophysiology.

Psychiatric nurse practitioners in 53146, or mental health nurse practitioners, generally have an MS degree in nursing (MSN) and a number of years of training to become certified. Psychiatric nurse practitioners are able to assess and diagnose mental health conditions and prescribe medication. 53146 Psychiatric nurse practitioners also have training that enables them to include psychotherapy with treatment.
How to find the right Psychiatrist?

If you're finding it difficult to find the right psychiatrist in 53146, don't worry--you're not alone. Psychiatrists are highly specialized professionals. They tend to be busy--appointments can be short (e.g. 15 mins.)--and so as a potential client you can sometimes feel lost or confused. Don't let this deter you.

Begin first by checking the psychiatrists listed here nearest to you. If they are limited in number, expand out your search geographically (Broaden your Search) and see who's available further afield. Use the links in the left nav bar to find the relevant insurance, if you intend to use your health insurance to pay for the provider.

If you're still finding it difficult to find a psychiatrist in 53146, call or contact the professionals here and ask for a psychiatric referral. You can also call the psychiatric nurses in 53146 as they tend to be affiliated to a network of psychiatrists in their area ( 53146). Or just chat to them to see if they can help.