Psychology Today Magazine November 2018

Psychology Today Magazine
November 2018

7 Extraordinary Feats Your Brain Can Perform

7 Extraordinary Feats Your Brain Can Perform

By Eric Haseltine Ph.D.

How to activate your brain's superpowers.
The Challenge of Borderline Personality Disorder in a Relationship

Tangled in Turmoil

By Lisa A. Phillips

A steady partner can be curative to a person with borderline personality disorder.
For Those at Risk of Suicide, the Internet Can Both Hurt and Heal

Web of Despair

By Jesse Bering Ph.D.

Life online poses an array of hazards, amplifying hostility and encouraging dangerous impulses. But when used wisely, it can do the opposite.
Your Relationship Bill of Rights

Your Relationship Bill of Rights

By Rebecca Matthes

No one’s perfect, but every partner is entitled to seven fundamental acts of respect from the person they’ve chosen to be with.

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Is This Article Legit?

By Gordon Waldman

Vulnerable Moments

By Devon Frye

The More You Change…

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No, You Take It!

By Ilana Herzig