Psychology Today Magazine
November 2017

The Comparison Trap

Mirror, Mirror

By Rebecca Webber

Social comparison can make us feel lackluster—especially in the age of social media. But you don’t have to succumb.
How Did Two All-Americans Fall In With ISIS?

The All-American Extremists

By Mike Mariani

These promising college students sank into the rabbit hole of extremism, and were ready to leave family, friends, and country behind. Everyone was baffled.
The High Cost of Caring

The High Cost of Caring

By Diane Cole

Careers that demand high levels of empathy and compassion can leave workers burned out and seeking help themselves. Here's how they cope with absorbing the trauma of others.
The Truth About Sex Differences

Sculpted By Evolution

By David P Schmitt Ph.D.

Sex differences in personality and behavior are real, science attests, and show up most vividly where they are least expected. It’s time to have an adult conversation about them.

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