Psychology Today Magazine
January 2007

The Sex Hormone Secrets

The Sex Hormone Secrets

By Sherry Baker

Sex hormones are power players in human abilities and behaviors. PT explores their hidden forces.
Catfight in the Boardroom

Catfight in the Boardroom

By Judith Sills Ph.D.

Do women hold other women back?
Love's Loopy Logic

Love's Loopy Logic

By Kaja Perina

Men and women deceive themselves about one another in myriad ways and, as it turns out, that's in our keenest interest.

The Ideological Animal

By Jay Dixit

Our politics are only partly shaped by reason; fear of death and innate temperament cast deciding votes.

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Kleptomania: London on Zero Pounds a Day

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Revenge of the Size 12 Woman

By Jocelyn Voo

Global Psyche: No Need for Words

By Maria Carling

Baby Steps to Grown-Up Control

By David Adler

The Art of Negotiation

By Brenda Goodman

Be a Better Fan

By Catherine New

Mood Tools: High-Tech Tethers

By Carlin Flora

Politics: Party Hoppers

By Jay Dixit

Advice: An Unreal Relationship

By Hara Estroff Marano

The Quiz: Mating IQ

By Glenn Geher, Scott Barry Kaufman

PT Bookshelf

By John Ruddy, Catherine New, Dawn Stanton

Fluke Skywalker: Philippe Petit

By Carlin Flora

Egotronic: Brain Trainers

By Matthew Hutson, Dawn Stanton

Queer IQ: The Gay Couple's Advantage

By Kaja Perina