Psychology Today Magazine
January 2000

Shyness: The New Solution

Shyness: The New Solution

By Bernardo Carducci

A surprising new approach for dealing with shyness.

Will Your Marriage Last?

By Aviva Patz

The first two years predict marital success.

Live Forever

By Raymond Kurzweil

Within 30 years, we will be able to scan ourselves--our intelligence, personality, feelings and memories--into computers. Is this the beginning of eternal life?

Reel Therapy

By John W. Hesley

Using fiction as a clinical tool.

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Depression: The Hidden Epidemic

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By Hal Arkes, Peter Ayton


By Paul Chance

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By Marguerite Lamb

Good Grades, Healthy Hearts

By Camille Chatterjee

A Total Recall Pill?

By Norine Dworkin

The Smell of Relief

By Jane Buckle

Ask Dr. E

By Robert Epstein Ph.D.

Fighting With Care

By Jamie Talan