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Visionaries - Teen Process Group


The best people for this group: ages 15-19, have/had individual therapy, are willing to share about mental health, have/had difficult family relationships, struggle with understanding themselves or their mood, want to meet more people, can try to be silly or creative together. All genders welcome. This is an authentic, compassionate place to go deeper than general advice from friends and the internet. We’ll break down barriers, collaborate and create new visions of hopeful futures.

Group Details

Issues: Anxiety, Relationship Issues, Self Esteem

Age: Teen

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Inkling Therapy
3407 West Slaughter Lane
Suite C
Austin, TX 78748
(512) 790-5713

Group Meets

Every Monday
5pm - 6:30pm

Last Modified: 2 Aug 2022
Photo of Joy Cannon, MA, LPC, NCC, Licensed Professional Counselor in Austin
Visionaries - Teen Process Group
Host: Joy Cannon