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TEAL Groups  (short term, sexual trauma) 2023
TEAL Groups (short term, sexual trauma) 2023
Hosted by: Claire Horner

TEAL Groups (short term, sexual trauma) 2023

Claire Horner
Hosted by: Claire Horner
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VIRTUAL therapy groups and events best for those starting out, needing a supplement to their current sexual trauma work, OR as an accountability partner to maintaining healing. (Must be in Georgia or California at the time of each group.) Three communities building: female/AFAB; male/AMAB; genderqueer. Trauma details not discussed. Monthly topic for groups and events starting at $15. Good Fit call is free. One individual session required. **Limited space allowed here - CLICK WEBSITE BUTTON for full flyer or follow @shrinkit.stealit on IG (See also The F O F Podcast for S-trauma resources @resettraumaunstuck)

Group Details


Druid Pointe

Atlanta, GA 30324

Session Cost

$20 - $80

Group Meets

Every Tue 7:30 P.M. - 9 P.M.


Sexual Abuse,  Trauma and PTSD 

Types of Therapy

Trauma Focused 


Email Claire Horner about this group or call - (404) 666-8104
Let's Connect (404) 666-8104

Group Practice at a Glance

Druid Pointe

Atlanta, GA 30324

Last Modified: 8 Jul 2023