Suicide Survivors: Free Support Group

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Suicide Survivors: Free Support Group

This group is free and open to the public- it will continue to be led virtually by Zoom & in person. How to thrive, not just survive after the suicide of a loved one. For all persons affected by suicide. Discuss challenges, feelings and important topics in a safe, confidential environment with others who have experienced suicide loss. Led by experienced clinicians to offer support, teach coping skills and build community. This group meets weekly on Mondays 5:30pm-7pm. Email Naropa Community Counseling Center at for details to join.

Group Details

Issues: Depression, Grief

Age: Adults


Virtual & in person
Boulder, CO 80305
Call Bill Monroe
(720) 410-6569

Group Meets

Every Monday
5:30pm - 7pm

Last Modified: 2 Dec 2022
Suicide Survivors: Free Support Group
Host: Bill Monroe