Psychodrama-Informed Process Group

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Psychodrama-Informed Process Group

*I plan to launch a new telehealth relationship group in 2022 for adults* This group provides an inclusive and affirming space to practice new roles and learn novel responses to old problems, enact past, present, and future scenes and unlearn old patterns and behaviors using the creativity of the group. As healing agents of each other this group offers a place where we discover ourselves within a community context and learn what kind of impact we have and move toward more of what we want in relationships with others as well as with ourselves.

Group Details

Issues: Relationship Issues

Sexuality: LGBTQ+

Age: Adults

Types of Therapy: Trauma Focused

Session Cost:



This group will take place via Telehealth virtual
2719 E Madison St, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 203-3430

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Last Modified: 19 Apr 2022
Photo of Hillary Locke, PsyD, Psychologist in Seattle
Psychodrama-Informed Process Group
Host: Hillary Locke