Moderation Management - Telehealth Only

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Moderation Management - Telehealth Only

This support group is a safe and non-judgmental space to explore your relationship with alcohol, define your personal goals and develop consumption limits around alcohol. If you feel that this group may be for you or have questions/curiosities about moderation management, please feel free to schedule a call with Madeleine (Maddie) through this link: Pre-screen call required. Confidential, HIPAA Compliant. To register contact Madeleine at or 424-625-2150. Facilitated by Madeleine Zimmerman, ACSW #95692. Madeleine Zimmerman is under the supervision of Amanda Hildebrant, LCSW #63742. ?

Group Details

Issues: Addiction, Eating Disorders, Substance Use

Types of Therapy: Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Age: Adults

Session Cost:



Santa Monica, CA 90405
Call Tracy Bevington
(628) 299-7866

Group Meets

Every Wednesday

Last Modified: 5 Dec 2022
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Moderation Management - Telehealth Only
Host: Tracy Bevington