Mindfulness based stress reduction

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Mindfulness based stress reduction

A 6 week group designed to teach you different strategies and techniques to help foster greater awareness about your anxiety and stress and how it is impacting your functioning. Techniques include: guided meditations, EMDR and EFT Tapping techniques. The focus of groups is to help reduce to negative self-talk and worry while increasing greater awareness, greater feelings of being settled, greater connection to a higher power and better ability to manage day to day stressors. This group has a strong spiritual component, incorporating ideas of higher consciousness. *This is a VIRTUAL group.

Group Details

Issues: Anxiety, Spirituality, Trauma and PTSD

Age: Adults

Session Cost:

$50 - $300


Planting Seeds LLC
Bordentown, NJ 08505
(609) 542-2338

Group Meets

Every Tuesday
12pm - 1pm

Edwige (Eddie) Theokas's Groups:

Last Modified: 6 Aug 2022
Photo of Edwige (Eddie) Theokas, MA, MEd, LPC, NCC, Licensed Professional Counselor in Bordentown
Mindfulness based stress reduction
Host: Edwige (Eddie) Theokas