MInd-Body-Energy Skills Group: 12-Week Course

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MInd-Body-Energy Skills Group: 12-Week Course

Highly-experiential group opportunity to learn a variety of effective, efficient mind-body-energy skills that you can use in your every day life. Groups are two (2) hours per week on Saturdays for 12 weeks. Investment is $50/hour ($100 for each weekly two hour group). Generous payment plans are available. Research continues to show that mind-body-energy skills are powerful tools in reducing stress, anxiety, pain and depression - helping you connect with relaxation, a greater sense of ease and comfort, increased productivity and empowerment in your day to day life. Contact me now to register for this popular class!

Group Details

Issues: Anxiety, Chronic Illness, Self Esteem

Age: Adults

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Last Modified: 23 Jan 2022
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MInd-Body-Energy Skills Group: 12-Week Course
Host: Joanna Trevino