Men's Relationship Group

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Men's Relationship Group

Allies in Change's counseling groups are designed to help people have more successful relationships. These groups pair education with an examination of members' real-life situations. Our various topic areas include communication skills, on-going support and encouragement, troubleshooting difficult situations, and managing emotions such as anger, stress, and anxiety. We offer a variety of different relationship groups, including a parenting focused group. Please contact our office to see which group would fit you the best.

Group Details

Issues: Behavioral Issues, Marital and Premarital, Relationship Issues

Age: Adults

Session Cost:

$20 - $80


Allies in Change
1675 SW Marlow Avenue
Suite 110
Portland, OR 97225
Call Christopher Huffine
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Group Meets

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Last Modified: 27 Jun 2020
Photo of Allies in Change, PsyD, Psychologist in Portland
Men's Relationship Group
Host: Christopher Huffine