Support Groups in East Longmeadow, MA

Photo of Kency Gilet, Counselor in East Longmeadow, MA
Anger Management
Counselor, MS, LMHC, NCC
"12-week certificate Anger Management Group: Learn to manage your impulsive responses to anger that have pushed away your relationships and gotten you into trouble. Process your emotions in effective ways that maintain your self-respect, your friendships, and still gets your ..."
(413) 477-5609 
Group meets in:
East Longmeadow, MA 01028
Photo of Simone Phillips, Psychologist in East Longmeadow, MA
Executive Functions
Psychologist, MEd, CAGS, EdD, LMHC, LEP
"A comprehensive curriculum that spans 12 weeks teaches students critical executive function strategies that promote academic success. This program provides explicit instruction in key executive function processes: Goal setting, Cognitive flexibility/thinking flexibly, Organizing and prioritizing, Accessing working memory, Self-monitoring, and ..."
(413) 418-3231 
Group meets in:
East Longmeadow, MA 01028

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What is the difference between Group Therapy and a Support Group?
East Longmeadow Support Groups and Group Therapy both offer a safe place to explore important issues. It is important, however, to understand the difference between the two.

Group therapy in East Longmeadow is led by a therapist, group psychotherapist, or group counselor, and is generally structured around an issue. The therapist guides the group through a program as the group works together to better understand thoughts and feelings. Experienced therapists lead psychotherapy groups for various ages, such as adults, and specific issues including anger management, anxiety, and coping skills.

Support groups in East Longmeadow are usually facilitated by a therapist or counselor, but can also be led by members with lived experiences. Generally, a support group is less structured than a therapy group. Support groups bring together members to provide support and strength to each other, often around a common challenge such as addiction or grief.

Most therapy groups will meet for a fixed length of time with a consistent group of members, while many support groups meet for an indefinite period of time with members coming and going.
Is Group Therapy Right For You?
Group therapy in East Longmeadow allows you to benefit from the experiences and sharing of others. Listening to others, and recognizing what you have in common, allows you to learn about yourself. In the group environment, where therapy types such as Mindfulness Based group therapy are used, you can recognize aspects of yourself that you may choose to modify or change.

As other members share about their lives, you might see your own experiences or see patterns you hadn’t noticed previously. The group allows you to better understand issues you might not have noticed before.

Hearing the stories of group members gets you outside of yourself and helps you see your life differently. As you do that, a process of self-acceptance and empathy for others occurs as you learn to relate with others in the group.

Group therapy and support groups in East Longmeadow can also be a less expensive alternative to individual therapy. While you should check with your insurance company, you’ll often find that therapist led group psychotherapy is covered, while peer-led support groups are not. Either way, group session costs are generally less expensive than individual therapy.