Jane Thornton

Counselor, LMHCA

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Jane Thornton

Counselor, LMHCA

Corrective Parenting group

This is an opportunity to reparent yourself in a group setting with 2 healthy parents. It is a closed group with spaces opening up when current members graduate or move on. Limited to 7 clients and 2 therapists we use a variety of techniques including Somatic, gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Emerson work, etc. It is an embodied, interactive way to completely change and heal your inner child, thus your current adult ego state. The process begins with individual work with myself or my therapy partner.

Group Details

Issues: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and PTSD

Age: Adults

Types of Therapy: Somatic

Session Cost:

$100 - $180


Online Only At This Time Zoom
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 429-8187

Last Modified: 25 Feb 2021
Jane Thornton, LMHCA, Counselor in Seattle
Jane Thornton

Counselor, LMHCA