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Dreikurs /Global Relationships/Temenos gradautes

Using emotions as the key to unlock untapped feelings, these weekend courses utilize group dynamics and intimate sharing. The safe space that is created, allowe students to reach deep within and face long held believes about themselves and others and choose weather or not to change or continue with the corresponding behaviors, thought and beliefs. Often times, students (and assistants) experience a release from long held, emotional burdens and a new lightness of being is achieved. These courses are quivlent to six months of personal counseling.

Group Details

Issues: Anxiety, Codependency, Depression

Age: Adults

Types of Therapy: Adlerian

Session Cost:

$80 - $200


Aspen, CO 81611
(970) 340-2327

Last Modified: 22 Sep 2021
Photo of Martin Horowitz, MA, Registered Psychotherapist in Aspen
Dreikurs /Global Relationships/Temenos gradautes
Host: Martin Horowitz