Alcohol Moderation Group for Executives

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Alcohol Moderation Group for Executives

This private and confidential telehealth group is for high-functioning adults who want to learn how to cut down on their drinking without giving it up entirely. Participants learn how to moderate their alcohol consumption within safer limits and avoid the consequences of heavy drinking. The group meets once per week led by Dr. Arnold Washton, a seasoned expert in addiction psychology.

Group Details

Issues: Addiction, Alcohol Use, Substance Use

Types of Therapy: Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

Age: Adults

Session Cost:

$200 - $250


The Washton Group
1000 Herrontown Road (teletherapy Only)
Princeton, NJ 08540
(212) 944-8444

Group Meets

Every Monday
6:30pm - 7:45pm

Last Modified: 18 Mar 2022
Photo of Arnold M Washton, PhD, Psychologist in New York
Alcohol Moderation Group for Executives
Host: Arnold M Washton