Zeev N. Kain, MD, MBA, MA (Hon), FAAP

Zeev N. Kain, MD, MBA, MA (Hon), FAAP, has dedicated his life to finding cures. On one hand, he is a physician who has revolutionized the way children are treated before and after surgeries to protect them from undue pain and anxiety. He is also internationally known for his seminal work and multiple publications on transforming surgical care through clinical value-based-care models, which improve clinical care and increases patient and provider satisfaction. At the same time, he is a thinker, researcher, and healthcare executive whose unique solutions on fixing problems apply to realms well beyond medicine, including business, education, and even parenting.   At the bottom of all of Dr Kain’s work lays a single unifying principle: the breaking down of barriers and eliminating silos. As the son of two Holocaust survivors, he saw at close hand the most extreme results that creating walls between groups can cause. In his medical training at the Ben Gurion University in Israel, Dr. Kain experienced an intensive integrated form of training that has informed all his work since. By working every day to tear silos down and to instead find ways to combine strengths and fostering deeper connections between different departments, and different fields, Dr. Kain continues to ignite meaningful change in medicine and society.   Dr. Kain is currently a Chancellor’s Professor at the University of California as well as an Adjunct Professor at Yale University. He is also the Director of the Center on Stress & Health, where he leads a team of researchers investigating multi-disciplinary approaches to managing pain and anxiety in a wide range of medical settings and situations. He has been funded by the National Institute of Health for than 20 years and has published more than 400 articles in various journals. Dr. Kain is also very much involved in the digital health space and was recently awarded more than $8 million in funding from the National Institute of Health. He was also recently appointed as the Director of System Redesign & Value-Based Healthcare in HPRI and is the President of the Society of Perioperative Medicine.   Previously, he served as the Associate Dean of Clinical Operations, Chief Medical Officer and Chair of Anesthesiology & Perioperative at the University of California. Prior to joining the University of California, Dr. Kain was Chief of Children’s Anesthesia at Yale University where he conducted much of his research in the anxiety of children in close collaboration with Professor Linda Mayes who is currently the Chair of the Child Study Center at Yale.

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