Sophie Sabbage

Sophie Sabbage is the author of THE CANCER WHISPERER, Finding Courage, Direction, and the Unlikely Gifts of Cancer. She was diagnosed with incurable cancer aged 48 and has since been on a remarkable journey of healing and renewal, while continuing to live with her disease. She drew on over twenty years of professional experience in the field of personal development, psychology and mindset change to navigate the emotional and psychological challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Her mentor for many years was a direct student of Viktor Frankl, Carl Rogers and Alan Watts. She wrote the book to help other cancer patients have a transformative rather than terrifying experience - whatever the ultimate outcome. It was an instant bestseller in the UK and was published in the USA by Penguin Random House in January 2017.

She is an author, speaker and facilitator who continues to offer workshops to the general public through an educational program as well as to cancer patients. She is happily married and has a seven year old daughter, Gabriella. She lives in England.

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