Rubin Khoddam PhD

Rubin Khoddam, Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist in the Los Angeles area. He earned his doctorate degree from the University of Southern California and currently works both in private practice as well as in a residential treatment facility within an academic medical center. His clinical and research specialty focuses on the treatment of substance use disorders, trauma, as well as co-occurring mental health disorders. He has over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals, has been funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, and was honored as an Elyn Saks Institute for Mental Health Law, Policy, and Ethics Scholar at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Khoddam is an integrative teacher who uses self-help and science to communicate a message of hope, determination, self-empowerment, and strength. Through the years, Dr. Khoddam has had experience in treating a variety of mental health issues, with a particular specialty in treating substance use disorders and trauma. Regardless of whether you are deciding to come to therapy to treat a specific diagnosis, decrease your substance use, deal with a difficult life transition, manage a difficult relationship, seek a meaningful relationship, or to find more meaning and purpose in your life, Dr. Khoddam is here to support you on your path. Dr. Khoddam's hope is that he can help you become more conscious of the patterns in your life so that you can not just live the life you want, but learn the skills to course-correct when you inevitably go off path – as we all do. Dr. Khoddam strive to do this in palatable, supportive ways by integrating humanity, understanding, authenticity, and the evidence-based research along with years of practical experience to help you do your work as we all strive to do our own.

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