Robert Bartholomew Ph.D.

Robert Bartholomew, Ph.D., is an American medical sociologist and author of American Intolerance: Our Dark History of Demonizing Immigrants (Prometheus, 2018).  A Research Fellow with the Centre for Inquiry in Amherst. New York, he teaches history in Auckland, New Zealand.  Dr. Bartholomew coined the term 'exotic deviance' in the field of social psychiatry to describe the inappropriate placement medical labels onto unfamiliar behaviors and conduct codes in Non-Western countries.  He resides in Auckland, New Zealand,  

He has published 16 books and over 80 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and holds a doctorate in sociology from James Cook University in Queensland Australia, a Masters in American sociology from the State University of New York at Albany, a Masters in Australian sociology from The Flinders University of South Australia, a BA degree in Communications from The State University of New York at Plattsburgh, and a Certificate in Radio Broadcasting from the State University of New York - Adirondack campus.  He has written on an array of topics ranging from human social and cultural diversity, to mass psychogenic illness, social delusions, moral panics, fads, crazes, the history of tabloid journalism, history of the paranormal, popular myths and folklore.

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