Randi Gunther Ph.D.

In my 40-year-career as a clinical psychologist and marriage counselor, I’ve spent over 100,000 face-to-face hours with singles and couples helping them to sort out their desires and conflicts about intimate relationships. Together, we’ve explored all the reasons why their relationships so often start out euphoric only to crumble and how they can turn those disappointments into future successes. I truly believe that the greatest obstacles standing between you and the love you want is often right before your eyes but you are unable to envision the journey.

My specialty is to help you look at yourself and your relationships with heroic honesty and the willingness to look deeply at yourself and what you bring to a relationship so that you can finally create the kind of transformation that will change you forever. You’ll finally understand why you’ve struggled in love, and what skills you’ll need to create the kind of relationship you’ve always wanted - one in which you fall deeper in love while simultaneously scaling the heights of your individual potential. It’s how my husband and I have made our marriage our bedrock for over 60 years. Subscribe to my free advice newsletter at www.heroiclove.com where I’ll tell you everything I have learned about finding and keeping a truly heroic relationship.

Author of

Rediscovering Love

Heroic Love is a distillation of everything I’ve learned in the 40 years I’ve been counseling couples and individuals - and of everything I’ve lived being married to the same man for over 50 years. 

My mission is to take you by the hand and help you see your life and your relationships from a whole new vantage point so that you can finally discover real solutions to stubborn problems and create long-lasting change.

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