Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D.

Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks, CA and Professor of Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles, where she was named Outstanding Professor in 2012.  She is also a Visiting Professor of Psychology at the University of Johannesburg.  She is the author of the modern relationship survival manual  Should I Stay or Should I Go:  Surviving a Relationship With a Narcissist (Post Hill Press), and of You Are WHY You Eat: Change Your Food Attitude, Change Your Life (Globe Pequot Press), as well as the author of numerous peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters and conference papers.  In 2019, her newest book addressing the intersecting zeitgeists of societal and individual narcissism and their deleterious impact on our health and well-being will be released.  The focus of Dr. Durvasula’s clinical, academic and consultative work is the etiology and impact of high-conflict, entitled, antagonistic personality styles on human relationships, mental health, and societal expectations. In 2019 her new book entitled Don’t You Know Who I Am: Staying Sane in an Era of Narcissism, Entitlement and Incivility will be released (Post Hill Press).

Dr. Durvasula received her B.S. in Psychology from the University of Connecticut, and her MA and Ph.D. degrees in Clinical Psychology from UCLA. Dr. Durvasula was the co-host of Oxygen’s series My Shopping Addiction, and has also been featured on series on Bravo, the Lifetime Movie Network, National Geographic, the History Channel, Discovery Science, and Investigation Discovery, on the TODAY show and Good Morning America, as well as in documentary films on health.  She has been a featured commentator on nearly every major television network, as well as radio, print, and internet media. She is presently a co-host of the podcast Sexual Disorientation which tackles the confusing world of love, sex, and relationships in an unorthodox and authentic manner. She is a featured expert on internet media platforms MedCircle and TONE Network, a regular speaker at women’s empowerment camp Campowerment, and has been a speaker at TEDx Sedona and SxSW.  Dr. Durvasula is also involved in national governance in the field of psychology and is presently the chair of the Committee on Socioeconomic Status at the American Psychological Association and a member of the Advisory Board of the Minority Fellowship Program of the American Psychological Association.  Finally, her research on personality disorders and health was funded by the National Institutes of Health for 10 years, and she is a psychologist in private practice. Dr. Durvasula recognizes that narcissism and technology have changed the landscape of our culture and our relationships and provides keen insights on how to survive in this new and treacherous territory.

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