Oscar Grossman M.F.T

Oscar Grossman M.F.T grew up in Montreal and is presently in psychoanalytic practice there. After his training as a marital therapist at the Mental Hygiene Institute (MHI), he continued to do research and couple therapy while also doing his analytic training. When the government incorporated the different components of the MHI into it’s other existing mental health structures he worked for one of the government’s community centers for a couple of years but felt that the MHI’s outreach and educational components were missing so he helped create a non-profit center called the Argyle Institute of Human Relations based both on the MHI’s models of short term outreach and Anna Freud’s ideas about education and family work for the very young. Oscar continues to teach at the Argyle. He has also worked for the Douglas Hospital, a mental health hospital where he was in charge of an OPD for children which included an Infant at Risk unit he helped develop. He has an interest in community mental health work, early childhood developmental issues, the importance of the father and the effects of third party care.

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