Omri Gillath Ph.D.

Omri Gillath, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at The University of Kansas. He studies close relationships and their underlying mechanisms. His research focuses on behavioral systems, especially the attachment, care giving, and sexual mating systems. Using neuroimaging techniques, physiological measures, and endocrine markers as well as questionnaires and cognitive tasks, he examines the associations between a person's attachment style (or relationship style) and goals and behaviors in the caregiving and sexual domains (e.g., ability to provide and receive compassionate care; interest in short- vs. long-term mating strategies). He's also exploring the effects of increasing people's sense of attachment security on their tendency to engage in pro-social behavior, their sexual interests and preferences, and their online and offline social networking. His multi-level, multi-method research answers questions at both the micro and macro level.

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