Nootralize - David Ronnlid

The Nootralize team consists of co-founders David Rönnlid, Maximilian Paju, and Johan Fröb.

Nootralize is dedicated to helping people engineer cognitive performance and happiness in their experience. We’re on a mission of increasing well-being by raising awareness of how our actions influence our experiences.

As of 2019-12-30, David, Johan, and Max personally experiment with their sleep, exercise, mindfulness, and nutrition regimens, as well as their nootropic consumption.

Learn more about the Nootralize team on their individual LinkedIn pages: David Rönnlid, Maximilian Paju, and Johan Fröb.

A nootropic is a substance that, if used properly, safely enhances the cognitive functions of the user.

If you have the right mindset to nootropics use (awareness of risks and how to avoid them), you’re in a great position for experience engineering success.

To achieve peak cognitive performance and well-being, make sure to upgrade your sleep, exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness.

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