Neighborhood Psychiatry

Neighborhood Psychiatric Associates of Manhattan was started with a vision of what a good psychiatric practice should ideally provide—solid medical psychiatric care, attentive and helpful support staff, and warm and skillful medical professionals. We are creating a pleasant mental health care environment making it easy to ask for, and receive, needed help while building upon personal strengths within a wellness-oriented model.   Neighborhood Psychiatric Associates of Manhattan was founded to fill the gap in mental health care by providing excellent services while working with patients’ health insurance and proving affordable care for many without insurance. We understand that getting good treatment with adequate time and attention from staff who emphasize establishing and maintaining good doctor-patient relationship works best for all. Too often, patients find that there isn’t enough time to talk about what is really happening in their lives. Five to ten-minute medication appointments are unlikely to meet needs for adequate time and attention, or for proper medical care. Such short appointments end up being not only unsatisfying for patients and doctors alike, but also potentially harmful because rushing can make us leave out important information.

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