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Michael Pantalon, Ph.D.

Like you, motivation and addiction expert, Dr. Michael Pantalon, has heard of many ways of motivating people, especially those with addictions. But what really works? Are ultimatums and holding people accountable the best ways to go or is motivation more about compassion and good communication? Do “interventions” really work? Am I enabling if I’m not pushing treatment as hard as possible? Do you confront unmotivated people head-on or delicately? How do you motivate yourself to conquer an addiction? 

Is motivation to change really this complicated? Absolutely NOT!

With over two decades of experience as a clinical psychologist, researcher, leadership, health and recovery coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, and author of the business best-seller, Instant Influence (2011), Mike’s view is radically different. Motivating people, even those with addictions, is not as hard as you might think and virtually anyone can do it. As a therapist and coach, he helps his clients appreciate that the most profound way to motivate yourself and others is to realize the following 3 simple yet deep truths: 1) No one absolutely has to change – we are all free to decide for ourselves, 2) Everyone (including you) already has enough motivation, and 3) Unlocking your inner motivation is not a lengthy and mysterious process. In fact, it can be done with a 7-minute method developed by Mike and based on over 3 decades of science. It has to do with asking 6 simple questions about WHY we want to change versus HOW we plan to do so, which are detailed in his book. 

Mike has been on the faculty at Yale School of Medicine since 1997. He is a Senior Research Scientist in Department of Emergency Medicine, Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Lecturer at Yale University’s Psychology Department. He is also a contributor to the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School and faculty member at Wellcoaches, Inc. Mike also maintains private practices for addiction treatment, recovery coaching and recovery coach training (see www.centerforprogressiverecovery.com), and for business coaching, training and speaking (see www.michaelpantalon.com). He earned his B.A. in psychology from Binghamton University, his M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical & school psychology from Hofstra University and his M.S. in psychopharmacology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology. Mike received the Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching from Yale School of Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry in 2007. He lives with his wife, Marianne, and their two sons, Matt & Nick, in Hamden, CT.   For addiction treatment, recovery coaching and recovery coach training, contact Mike at info@centerforprogressiverecovery.com.   For business coaching, training and speaking, contact Mike at info@michaelpantalon.com.  
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The Science of Influence

Like you, Mike wants motivating and influencing ourselves and others to be quick and easy. Over the last two decades, Mike’s work as a psychologist, motivation expert, researcher, coach, consultant, trainer, speaker, and author of the business best-seller, "Instant Influence," has shown that this is possible. Motivating people is not that hard and anyone can be a master motivator as long he or she is informed by the science of influence. This blog will describe research-based strategies for moving people to action whether at home or at work. Read now.
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People with addictions, as well as their concerned significant others, are often fed negative, limiting and inaccurate narratives about what is possible in terms of recovery. In fact, Dr. Pantalon believes that these narratives are at least partially responsible for the extremely limited success that people sometimes experience in recovery. In this blog, you will be encouraged to challenge these negative narratives and replace them with alternative and more optimistic viewpoints.

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