Mark E. Jaffe M.D.

Dr. Mark E. Jaffe is board certified in general and forensic psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. He is currently a psychiatrist affiliated with Beach House Treatment Center in Malibu, CA.

He graduated from UCLA cum laude in 1987 and subsequently received his MD degree from the University of Southern California medical school. Dr. Jaffe completed his internship and residency in psychiatry at the Los Angeles County+USC Medical Center and completed two years of fellowship training at the USC Institute of Psychiatry and Law, where he is currently a clinical associate professor of psychiatry. During his residency and fellowship training at the LAC+USC Medical Center, Dr. Jaffe was responsible for triage, evaluation, treatment, admission and disposition of emergent psychiatric patients in a 2000-bed facility. Dr. Jaffe currently consults for the Los Angeles County Superior and Municipal Courts and is a member of the expert witness panel. He has provided consultations to various agencies including the United States Postal Service, the Medical Board of California, the United States Department of Justice’s Federal Bureau of Prisons, Long Beach Rapid Transit, Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority and the Los Angeles County Mental Health Court.

He has performed numerous evaluations for various agencies, courts and attorneys on cases that involve the use of drugs and alcohol during the commission of crimes or during employment. During the 25 years comprising his medical education, training and experience, Dr. has had the privilege of evaluating and treating thousands of people with addiction. He has seen the countless ways that addiction impacts people and has also seen the remarkable impact that treatment can have.