Madelyn Blair Ph.D.

Madelyn Blair, Ph.D., offers strategies for unlocking resilience essential for leaders and teams needing to meet today's complex challenges with greater ease. Globally known in storytelling and knowledge management, she is a popular speaker, author, instructor, and personal coach. Her passion is pursuing a lifetime of learning.

She is the founding president of Pelerei, Inc., which she has run since 1988. Her clients include Huawei Technologies, Regional Chamber of Cincinnati, Aberje of Sao Paulo, and government agencies including NIH.  Her most recent work is in narrative intelligence.

Dr. Blair is on the faculty of Columbia University, is a Taos Institute Associate, and is a charter member of the Associates Council to the Board. She is on the Board of American Friends of Chartres. Dr. Blair received her doctorate in organizational psychology from the University of Tilburg, The Netherlands, and holds an MBA from The Wharton School.

She is the author of Riding the Current: How to Deal with the Daily Deluge of Data and Essays in Two Voices: Dialogues of Discovery. She is a contributing author of Lessons from the Field, Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over; Making it Real: Sustaining Knowledge Management, and Smarter Innovation. See for more information and a list of downloadable papers. Follow her on Twitter @madelynblair.

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