Lobsang Rapgay Ph.D.

Lopsang Rapgay, Ph.D., is an assistant adjunct professor and researcher in the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA. He primarily studies the behavioral and neural correlates of anxiety. At a secondary level, he studies the integration of classical mindfulness with psychotherapy for treating anxiety disorders. He is a former Director of the UCLA Behavioral Medicine Clinic and Program, a training center for psychiatric residents, psychology interns and externs.  He was a clinical instructor at the Department of Behavioral Medicine, Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard University for two years working under Herbert Benson, M.D., before joining as a staff psychologist at the UCLA Psychiatric Consultative and Liason Services.

He was born in Lhasa, Tibet and escaped to India in 1958 and in 1990 he completed his Phd on Tibetan Medicine and Eastern Psychology from the University of Visva Bharati, India. His primarily training is in psychoanalytical psychotherapy with a Bionian focus.  He received extensive supervision from the late James Goldstein, MD.  

He was a Tibetan Buddhist monk for 18 years and trained in India and served as translator at Library of Tibetan Works of Archives for several years.   He has being studying mindfulness according to Theravadin tradition and maintains a practice in the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.  

Author of

Anxiety, Fear, and Hate

A neural, behavioral, and cognitive approach to understanding our most challenging emotions. Read now.