Lea Lis MD

Lea Lis, MD, is “The Shameless Psychiatrist." She is a double board-certified adult and child psychiatrist who has worked with non-traditional family arrangements throughout her career and considers these families “the new normal.” Widespread social changes, along with a sex-saturated media and ongoing debates about the meaning of gender and sexuality,  generate new challenges for parents of all kinds. Lis helps parents, children, and adolescents face these challenges and develop healthy, sex-positive attitudes and practices. During her training and residency at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York and New York University, as well as in her private psychiatric practice, she has developed expertise in working with modern families of all types.

Lis has appeared as an expert on parenting in media outlets including ABC, CBS, NBC, The Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post, Modern Beach Luxury, Psychiatric News, and a range of websites and blogs. She is active in the American Psychiatric Association, having served as a member of their National Ethics Committee and on the Board of Trustees. She has presented numerous symposia and workshops at the annual APA meetings and at the meetings of the Institute of Psychiatric Services, and her publications have appeared in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice and the Journal of Academic Psychiatry.

Author of

The Shameless Psychiatrist

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