Kate Roberts Ph.D.

Kate Roberts, Ph.D., completed her undergraduate degree in psychology from Boston University, and her doctorate in clinical psychology from University of Rhode Island. She completed her pre and post-doctoral training at Brown University. Dr Roberts is a licensed child clinical psychologist and a certified school psychologist. Dr. Roberts has consulted to school districts throughout new England. She has held a faculty position at the Brown University Medical School, Department of Psychiatry as a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry. She works with parents and children through institutions such as Massachusetts General Hospital.

Author of

Savvy Parenting

Being a parent is hard work, now add in Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram pics and Youtube video and it just got a lot harder. Not to mention the highly celebrity driven world we live in, it can be taxing keeping up with the latest reality star and idols who get themselves into precarious situations for your child's eyes to see. “In this fast paced society parents need practical strategies they can rely on,” says Dr. Roberts, “I teach parents cognitive-behavioral tools to help them quickly resolve family issues, without conflict and with confidence”.



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