Jeremy Nicholson M.S.W., Ph.D.

Dr. Jeremy Nicholson

Dr. Jeremy Nicholson is a social and personality psychologist, with a research and writing focus on influence, persuasion, and interpersonal relationships. He also holds master's degrees in industrial/organizational psychology and social work. He currently lives in Western Massachusetts.

Since 2001, Dr. Nicholson has worked in education, research, and training. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Behavioral Economics Department at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. In addition, he has applied his unique education and experience to health services research, development, training, and implementation. Dr. Nicholson is also a dating and relationship expert, using his knowledge and expertise to help individuals obtain the social lives they desire.

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The Attraction Doctor

How do you flirt, date, and relate? Everyone has their own style of finding love and each is looking for something different. Here you will find a variety of advice, methods, and techniques that apply to a wide range of sensibilities. Your personal style might not be compatible with it all, but you will definitely find pieces that work for you. You can get the love life you want. The Attraction Doctor is here to help!


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