Grant Hilary Brenner MD, FAPA

Grant Hilary Brenner, MD, FAPA is a psychiatrist known for enabling his clients to overcome stubborn obstacles, unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit, and maintaining resilience.  Dr. Brenner brings nearly two decades of consultation, workshops, speaking engagements, therapy, and coaching to his clients, who range from individuals seeking to overcome emotional obstacles, to executives seeking to function better in the workplace. He emphasizes a humanistic and integrative perspective, incorporating evidence-based approaches as well as innovative techniques such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and neurofeedback. He is on the faculty of the Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital, former Director of Trauma Service at the William Alanson White Institute and on the Board of Directors of Vibrant Emotional Health (formerly MHA-NYC). He is co-author of Irrelationship: How We Use Dysfunctional Relationships to Hide from Intimacy (CRP, 2015), and the forthcoming follow-up Relationship Sanity (CRP, 2018) an author and editor of the book Creating Spiritual and Psychological Resilience: Integrating Care in Disaster Relief Work, and has published a number of book chapters and papers. He is an experienced speaker and educator, teaching an ongoing course in advanced psychotherapy for psychiatry residents, seminars on the neurobiology of trauma, resilience, self-care and risk communication, among other topics. Dr. Brenner has appeared regularly in national media spots addressing a variety of subjects. He is co-founder of Neighborhood Psychiatric Associates of Manhattan, providing quality psychiatric care using a team collaborative model, in network with many major health insurers.

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