Frank J. Ninivaggi M.D., F.A.P.A.

Dr. Frank John Ninivaggi, M.D., F.A.P.A., is an Associate Attending physician at the Yale-New Haven Hospital, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Child Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine Child Study Center in New Haven, Connecticut and the Psychiatric Director of the Devereux-Glenholme School in Washington, Connecticut.

He is Board Certified in Psychiatry and Neurology. In 2004, he received the distinction of certification as Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. He is in private practice, performs school consultations, and teaches at Yale University School of Medicine Child Study Center.

He has authored several textbooks. His longstanding research on intelligence has been published in Kaplan & Sadock's Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, eds. Sadock, Sadock, & Ruiz, Lippincott William & Wilkins, (2005) 8th edition, and updated in the current (2009) 9th edition and forthcoming 2017 (10th edition). Also included in the 9th and 10th edition is a new chapter on "Malingering." Dr. Ninivaggi has also published a chapter on "The Psychology of Aging" in Yue et al.'s The Comprehensive Treatment of the Aging Spine: Minimally Invasive and Advanced Techniques, and has written several textbooks on Eastern medicine. His new book, Makling Sense of Emotion: Innovationg Emotional Intelligence, is in press for 2017.

Author of

Envy This!

Unconscious envy: biting breast that feeds, poisoning the well

Empathy absent; narcissism present

Destructiveness- self-sabotage, raw guilt

 Healthy maturation of envy possible

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