Dorothy Firman Ed.D. LMHC, BCC

Dorothy Firman, Ed.D., is a retired professor of psychology, a psychotherapist and life coach and author/editor of many books and articles including, most recently, The Call of Self: Psychosynthesis Life Coaching, as well as Engaging Life: Living Well with Chronic Illness. Other titles include: Brace for Impact: Miracle on the Hudson Survivors Share Their Stories of Near Death and Hope for New LifeDaughters and Mothers: Making it Work; "A Transpersonal Orientation: Psychosynthesis in the Counselor's Office"  in Counseling in a Complex Society: Contemporary Challenges to Professional Practice; the NY Times best-selling Chicken Soup for the Mother & Daughter Soul; and Chicken Soup for the Father & Son Soul. She is the director of psychosynthesis training at The Synthesis Center, as well as the editor of Psychosynthesis on the Move and a founder and board of Advisors member of the Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis. Psychosynthesis, as a spiritual psychology, is a life's path and practice that Dr. Firman has been on for more over 40 years. In addition to a spiritual orientation and a long term practice as martial artist, Dorothy has anchored her life into a 43 year marriage, three children and 4 grandchildren. This life's work and play is the ground in which living life on purpose unfolds.

Author of

Living a Life of Purpose

Living a Life of Purpose is about asking the biggest question, WHY and the most pressing question, HOW. This is about hearing the Call of Self and answering, in every way that we can. This is all we have, our own truth, our own choices. No matter the ups and downs, and there will be plenty, we live in a constant state of possibility, opening more and more to our own lived purpose.

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