Donna Barstow

Donna Barstow's cartoons have appeared in hundreds of publications, including The New Yorker, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Glamour, Barrons, the Harvard Business Review, and Parade, as well as in dozens of textbooks. Picky eater, great friend, curious observer, elitist artist, midnight writer, voracious reader, omnivorous chocoholic, impatient driver, and so-so lover.

Her political cartoons are in Yahoo! News, Daily News, Time, Newsweek, CalWatchdog.

She knows a lot about birds, blogs, and handbags.

Author of

Ink Blots Cartoons

When I first watched "The Office" I was surprised when none of the characters smiled. People smile as a way to be friendly, and on TV, actors smile constantly, especially if they've just gotten their teeth whitened. But after watching awhile, I realized that the serious expressions of the characters (except for Michael), made them that much funnier.

None of my characters smile. I laugh as I write the cartoons, however, and at the funny way people think one thing, but do another. That's a great cartoon.

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