Dana Klisanin Ph.D.

Dana Klisanin, Ph.D., is an award-winning psychologist, futurist, designer, and social entrepreneur. She explores the impact of new media and digital technologies on the mythic dimensions of humanity, focusing on its potential to advance altruism, compassion, and heroism. Founder at Evolutionary Guidance Media R&D, Inc., and Director of the MindLab at c3: Center for Conscious Creativity, Dr. Klisanin pioneered the design of an impact media framework based on integral theories and systems science. She is currently developing an interactive gaming adventure with real world consequences, Cyberhero League. Dr. Klisanin's research has been cited in numerous news and radio outlets including BBC, Time, Huffington Post, and she is quoted in books such as John Haven's, Hacking Happiness: Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking It Can Change the World. As Executive Board member of the World Futures Studies Federation, she serves as the President's envoy to the United Nations . Dana is on the "Media Watch" Video Game Committee for the American Psychological Association’s Division of Media Psychology and Chairs the "Positive Media" Special Interest Group. Author of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, she is currently writing a book on the future of heroism. She is a contributor to a new series of books on the Future, as well as a series on psychology and popular culture, including The Walking Dead Psychology: Psych of the Living Dead, Star Wars Psychology: Dark Side of the Mind, and Game of Thrones Psychology: The Mind is Dark and Full of Terrors.  

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Digital altruism is a blog that integrates the latest findings in humanistic, transpersonal, and positive psychology with arts and media for the purpose of creating healthier lives for ourselves, our families, and the planet. 

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