Constance Scharff Ph.D.

Constance Scharff, PhD is an internationally recognized speaker and author on the topics of addiction recovery, women’s health, and overcoming trauma. She sits on the board of the innovative music therapy program Rock to Recovery. She is the author, under her Hebrew name Ahuva Batya, of the award-winning poetry collection, “Meeting God at Midnight” and co-author of the #1 bestselling book “Ending Addiction for Good.”

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Ending Addiction for Good

Seeking addiction treatment for a loved one can be an overwhelming prospect. Ending Addiction for Good offers a powerful message of hope. Using clear and direct language, the authors look beyond the limits of conventional treatment to show how creating an individualized, evidence-based, integrated treatment protocol can provide a sure path to recovery. They empower both addicts and their families to begin their recovery. Ending Addiction for Good may well be the most important book dealing with alcoholism and drug addiction to come along in years.

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