Bruce Hood Ph.D.

Bruce Hood, Ph.D

Bruce Hood, Ph.D., is the Chair in Developmental Psychology in Society at the University of Bristol.

He received his Ph.D. at Cambridge and spend his post-doctoral years at UCL and MIT. He was an associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard before taking the Chair in Developmental Psychology at Bristol. He is a fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, the Society of Biology, the British Psychology Society and the Royal Instituion. He is the 2014 president of the British Association of Science psychology section. He has won International Society for Infant Studies Young Investigator Award, American Psychology Society Robert L. Fantz award and Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship in Neuroscience. In 2005, he was elected a Fellow of the American Psychological Society. He is the author of "SuperSense: Why we believe the unbelievable" (HarperOne, 2009) and "The Self Illusion: Why there is no 'you' inside your head" (Constable & Robinson, 2012).In 2011, he wrote and presented the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, "Meet Your Brain," which was broadcast on the BBC and watched by over 4 million viewers. His forthcoming book, "The Domesticated Brain" will be published by Pelican in May 2014

Author of

The Self Illusion

How the social brain creates identity Read now.