Ana Nogales, Ph.D.

Ana Nogales, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and well-known media personality, columnist, and speaker. A family therapy specialist, she is the author of Parents Who Cheat: How Children and Adults Are Affected When Their Parents Are Unfaithful, as well as Latina Power! Using 7 Strengths You Already Have to Create the Success You Deserve and Dr. Ana Nogales' Book of Love, Sex and Relationships. Dr. Nogales is also the Clinical Director of the nonprofit organization that she founded, Casa de la Familia, established for victims of rape, sexual assault, child sexual and physical abuse, human trafficking, and domestic violence.

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Author of

Family Secrets

Family Secrets explores the issues families often keep under wraps-and what happens when secrets lead to hurt, confusion, and betrayal. How parents and children, husbands and wives, lovers and friends navigate the emotional territory between openness and privacy, closeness and individuality. How cultural influences can enrich or jeopardize our relationships.

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