A.J. Marsden, Ph.D., and William Nesbitt, Ph.D.

A.J. Marsden, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Beacon College. Research and teaching interests include cultural psychology, individual and organizational assessment, and social and political issues. She has published work in The Hill and is a weekly contributor to the Orlando Sentinel 100 most influential people in Central Florida.

William Nesbitt, Ph.D., is Professor of English at Beacon College. Classes include Mythology & Magic and Star Wars and the Mythic Tradition.  He has published work in Beat Drama: Playwrights and Performances of the “Howl” Generation, BeatdomRoute 7 ReviewPopular Culture ReviewKudzu House QuarterlyThe Southeast Review, and The Journal of Evolutionary Psychology.  He is also a regular contributor to ReGen Magazine and COMA Music Magazine.  Additionally, he is the editor of Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities at Beacon College: Lessons from the Inside ​(Peter Lang Press).

Author of

Myth on the Mind

How cultural narratives reflect and influence our behavior Read now.