Aaron Ben-Zeév Ph.D.

Aaron Ben-Zeév, Ph.D., is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Haifa and former President of the University (2004 - 2012).

His research focuses on theoretical issues concerning the emotions, as well as the study of particular emotions. His major books are Is Love Best When It Is Fresh? How Time Shapes Our Romantic Lives (University of Chicago Press, 2019);The Subtlety of Emotions (MIT, 2000), Love Online: Emotions on the Internet (Cambridge UP, 2004), In The Name of Love: Romantic ideology and its victims (With R. Goussinsky, Oxford UP, 2008); The Perceptual System (Peter Lang, 1993); Die Logik der Gefühle: Kritik der emotionalen Intelligenz (Suhrkamp, 2009); and Is Love Best When It Is Fresh? How Time Shapes Our Romantic Lives (University of Chicago Press, 2019)

ואז עכשיו בסוף הספר, אנו חוזרים לעדכון המשתה.

He received his B.A. in Philosophy and Economics (1975) and his M.A. in Philosophy (1977) from the University of Haifa, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago (1981).

At the University of Haifa, Professor Ben-Ze'ev held several positions in academic administration prior to his election as President, including Rector, Dean of Research, Chairperson of the Philosophy Department, Head of the University of Haifa Press and Head of the Academic Channel.

Professor Ben-Ze'ev is considered one of the world's leading experts in the study of emotions, and he set up the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Emotions at the University. His research focuses on the philosophy of psychology, and especially the study of emotions. Most recently, his research has centered on the impact of time on romantic love.

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In the Name of Love

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