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Tracy Asamoah M.D.


Tracy Asamoah, M.D., completed medical school at the University of California, San Francisco and attended David Geffen UCLA School of Medicine for both her general psychiatry residency and child/adolescent psychiatry fellowship. She has enjoyed working in a variety of community treatment settings and has served as faculty at both the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and Texas A&M School of Medicine. In 2014, she transitioned to her current private practice in Austin, TX due to a growing concern about the barriers that certain work environments created in connecting with her patients. In her practice, she works with youth and their families who deal with a variety of diagnoses, including anxiety disorders, mood disorders, autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. With the maturation of her career, she has become more interested in understanding the relationship between interpersonal connection and healing, exploring this in her clinical work. Her interest has expanded from beyond understanding the importance of interpersonal connection in clinical work to the importance of these connections in everyday human interactions.

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