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Timothy A Carey Ph.D.


Timothy Carey Ph.D., (Clinical Psychology) is the Chair Country Health Research and Innovation at Curtin University. Prior to this position, he served as: the inaugural Director of the Institute of Global Health Equity Research and the Andrew Weiss Chair of Research in Global Health at the University of Global Health Equity in Rwanda; the Professor of Clinical Psychology in Health Equity at Charles Darwin University; and the Director of Flinders University's Centre for Remote Health in Alice Springs, Australia. He is a Fulbright Scholar, a clinician, researcher, trainer, and educator. He has worked as a clinician for the Central Australia Health Service in the adult mental health service, the alcohol and other drugs service, and the pain management service. He has also worked for the Aboriginal Medical Service in Alice Springs in the Social and Emotional Wellbeing clinic. His research is underpinned by a theory of control (Perceptual Control Theory) and includes understanding the change process in psychotherapy, developing a patient-led model of service delivery, and evaluating the Method of Levels – an a-diagnostic cognitive therapy. He is the author of numerous journal articles, book chapters, and books including Hold that Thought! Two steps to effective counselling and psychotherapy with the Method of Levels, Control in the classroom: An adventure in learning and achievement, Controlling People: The paradoxical nature of being human, and Patient-Perspective Care: A new paradigm for health systems and services. The central theme of his work involves finding ways to help people make their lives be as they want them to be. An exciting new direction for this work is applying the science of control to the elimination of health and social inequities that can sometimes be insurmountable barriers to people making their lives be as they would wish them to be.

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