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Tasha Seiter PhD, MFTC


Tasha Seiter, MS, MFTC, Ph.D. Candidate, owns a therapy private practice providing online therapy to couples, individuals, and families throughout the state of Colorado. She lives in Fort Collins, CO, where she also provides couples therapy/marriage counseling, individual therapy, and family therapy in-person to Fort Collins residents. Her mission in life is to help alleviate suffering and disconnection as well as create more safety, joy, and love in this world as a therapist for couples, individuals, and families.

With advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Tasha uses the most evidence-based, effective methods in her therapy practice to move couples toward secure, joyful relationships. Tasha helps couples develop an understanding of the pattern in which they’re caught, enact conversations that deepen their understanding of one another, and permanently restructure their interactions with each other. Tasha created the Mindful Partnering Couples Group curriculum; she leads the program and provides her curriculum for other group therapists and facilitators hoping to help couples relate more mindfully. Tasha believes that presence, kindness, and compassion are the key to mindful and fulfilling relationships and that mindful and fulfilling relationships are crucial for greater well-being and health.

As a scientist-practitioner, Tasha is on the cutting–edge of the science of love, relationships, mental health, and personal growth. Her research investigates topics related to couple relationships, the benefits of mindfulness, and stress physiology. As a Ph.D. candidate at Colorado State University, she is an instructor of Human Development and Family Studies courses, guest lecturer, relationship education leader, and a mindfulness group facilitator.

Tasha is often featured in the media offering her expertise regarding relationships and mindfulness, and has recently been seen in Bustle, Popsugar, MindBodyGreen, Mic, and Best Life Online. She brings an enthusiastic, positive energy to her writing, speaking, and therapeutic roles, along with kindness, acceptance, warmth, and genuineness. Please see her website for more information about her and her therapy services. She loves to hear from readers of her blog, so don’t hesitate to reach out to her to schedule a therapy session, book a media interview, or just to chat!

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