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Susi Ferrarello, Ph.D., is assistant Professor at California State University, East Bay. She completed her doctoral studies in philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris. She also has an M.A. in human rights and political science from the University of Bologna. She received her accreditation in philosophical counseling in New York under the direction of Dr. Lou Marinoff.

Currently, she teaches at the California State University, East Bay and Saybrook University. She has taught courses in language, philosophy, and history, and has lectured and presented papers at universities in the U.S., Italy, Japan, Poland, Belgium, France, and the UK. She is currently working with the Catholic University of Portugal on a project in practical philosophy focused on happiness.


Phenomenology of Sex, Love, and Intimacy (Routledge, 2019)

Ethical Experience (Bloomsbury, 2018)

Favole da Acquario (Fusibilia, 2019)

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