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Susan Biali Haas M.D.


Susan Biali Haas, M.D., is an award-winning physician who speaks and writes about stress management, burnout prevention, mental health, wellness and resilience. Formerly clinically depressed and burned out, Dr. Biali Haas took back her own life and health by extensively studying how to create a healthier, more meaningful life. Today through her work as a lecturer, coach and wellness expert, she draws from her wide range of expertise and experiences to offer hope and practical tools to people worldwide. She also danced flamenco professionally along the way, establishing her own dance company in Mexico and performing for celebrities and a wide variety of audiences.

Dr. Biali Haas has been featured as a coach and wellness expert on The Today Show and The Ricki Lake Show and regularly appears in a wide variety of media including Cosmopolitan, Redbook, the Chicago Tribune, the Washington Post and People. In addition to blogging for Psychology Today, Dr.Biali Haas has been an "Embrace Life Expert" and wellness columnist for Reader's Digest Best Health magazine and also contributed to the best selling Reader's Digest book, The Swap and Drop Diet.

She holds both a Doctorate of Medicine and Bachelor of Science in Dietetics from the University of British Columbia and continues to practice medicine as a mental health clinician.

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