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In 1955, a group of 10 men met and decided to formulate an organization dedicated to fostering networking between law enforcement professionals. These men envisioned an organization that would be called The Society of Professional Investigators of New York. They were investigative professionals who began their careers toiling during World War 2 for the OSS/OSI, the Office of Strategic Services/Office of Strategic Intelligence which was the predecessor to the CIA.

Today we incorporate professions unheard of in 1956. These include, but are not limited to: DNA specialists, Computer Forensic Investigators, Forensic Psychologists, Forensic Accountants and other specialties as well as members from the traditional investigative community.

This post will reflect the views, opinions, and expertise of our individual members on current criminal justice related matters.

Bruce Sackman, the current president of SPI, will act as the host of this site. He is the retired Special Agent in Charge of the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Inspector General for the Northeast. He is the coauthor of Behind the Murder Curtain, the true story of medical serial killers, and the soon to be released book The Art of Investigation, a collection of real crime stories from some of the world’s greatest investigators.

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